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The First Arrival [Active/Incomplete]

Characters: Namine, Luc
Setting: Central Plaza, Sector 1 (Sunset City)
Date/Time: Monday morning, Day 1, 8:15 a.m.
Summary: Namine arrives in Transcendence.  Luc also shows up around the same time.
Rating: G
Warnings: Long and boring.
Comments: Open to everyone.

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kingdom Hearts anymore.Collapse )

Day 1 Morning Announcements


  The chill morning air remained undisturbed for a long moment, the air almost heavy with lack of sound, pressing against one's skin and one's ears.  A choking, cloying silence.

  And then the loudspeakers all over the city crackled into life.

  "Good morniiiiiing~!" a voice called out, echoing suddenly through every nook and cranny of the city.

 "It's time for the morning announcements~!   The weather today is looking wonderful~!  It's going to be a little bit chilly, but the sun will be out all day~!  Isn't that lovely~?!"

  "More good news~!  There will be no monster invasions today~!  How wonderful~~~!  Room assignments will be sent out at 8:15 on the dot, as usual~!"

  "That's it for the morning announcements~!  Buhbye, and have a wonderful day~!"

  And, just like that, the chipper voice disappeared with a click, the shattered silence lying in shambles.

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  Tag System

  This is an explanation of the tag system in Transcendence.  Whenever you make a new post, please tag appropriately with all things that apply, which are usually as follows;

1.  The characters involved.  Please add tags for characters that join after the creation of the post.
2.  The general time of day; day, night, sunset, and sunrise.  The purpose of this is so that people looking for a new thread for their character to join at a certain time of day can quickly find a good one.
3.  The date; day1, day2, etc.  The weather and current events post should tell you what days are currently open for playing.  Including the day of the week is optional.
4.  The fandoms represented by the characters involved.
5.  The location in which the post takes place.
6.  Any arcs the post is involved in/effects the events of the post.
7.  The names of any NPCs involved.

  All the tags are organized so that there is a symbol in front of them that designates what they are.  The symbols are as follows;

! = Important announcements/arc information; this should mostly only be used by mods for the morning announcements and other such posts.

@ = Dates, times of day, days of the week,

# =  NPCs

$ =  Fandoms represented

% =  Weather conditions.  Optional -- just to make it easier for people to only have to glance at the tags to know how the weather is and how their characters should respond.

^ =  The arc(s) the post deals with/is effected by.

& =  The setting, place(s) where he post takes place.

* = The characters involved.

No symbol = Whether the post is open, closed, active, inactive, incomplete, or complete.  This should also be written in the title line, but also tagged in, for easier searching.

  It would be greatly appreciated if you tagged as accurately as possible, but you do not absolutely have to -- it just makes things a lot easier for new people and people searching for specific things.  Mods may edit your tags to make them more accurate, so please do not be alarmed if they suddenly change.   While you do not absolutely have to tag everything that applies, false tags will not be accepted and will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.  Thank you, and have fun.