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transcendenceic's Journal

Transcendence -- A Panfandom RP
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1. a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience
2. the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits

There are many, many worlds out there. All the worlds that peoples' imaginations draw from, all the stories ever told -- each one of them is its own seperate little universe. They never mix -- they each stay carefully within their own little spheres of existence. For the most part, they are unaware of each other's existence. Their inhabitants live their lives completely unaware that very, very close, on the other side of what is actually a very thin barrier is another world, another dimension, close enough to reach out and touch -- if you know how to. Usually, this is the rule, the law that all the worlds live by.


There are places that transcend these laws, tiny vacuum universes that suck things out of the other worlds, be they people, places, objects, ideas, or any number of other things.

Keynote City is one such world.

Keynote City isn't just a city. Not anymore. What it was at its birth is unclear, but now, it is a vacuum universe. It's sucked in so many things that now it's hard to tell just exactly what parts of it are actually the original Keynote. The best thing to call it seems to be a patchwork of worlds. How it came to exist and what purpose it serves is anybody's guess, but now, one can no longer really call it a city -- it's stolen so much from other, larger worlds that it's grown in size enough to be considered a world of its own. Its name?


Everything here is transient. Or so it seems -- it always seems to be growing and changing. And much more curious, its sectors. Because of its nature, the different parts of Transcendence have very little in common, despite their close proximity. The city of Keynote is divided into sectors, and each one is vastly different from the next, a little world in its own right. In one sector there could be a hurricane going on, while the next sector over a sandstorm could be raging through. Each sector is seperated from the others by a wall -- but you can't always see the wall from the inside. Taking even one step into a sector can leave you staring around in awe, because the rest of the world has suddenly disappeared from view.

And it's not just places. Creatures of all shapes and sizes appear, cause trouble, and disappear just as abruptly. What might be approximated as seasons suddenly shift dramatically. Memories, ideas, thoughts, reality... everything can change in an instant.

To put it simply, Transcendence is a world where anything can happen.

And anything does.

Recently, Transcendence has had a particularly voracious appetite. All kinds of new things, places... and people, have been appearing at an alarming rate.

These newcomers will find something even more alarming -- once you're in, there is no way out.

Welcome to our city.

You'd best make yourself comfortable -- you'll be here for a while.

Keynote -- The City
The city is bounded by extremely high walls that seem to reach to the heavens, and no matter how hard you try, no matter how far you climb or manage to scrabble up the side, you will never reach the top. Unless it wants you to.

The sectors of the city vary greatly, even when they're right next to each other; one sector might be experiencing a hurricane while two feet away its neighbor is suffering through a drought. Technology levels vary as well, and some places just deny the laws of physics. The people that live in the city seem to find absolutely nothing strange about the facts of their lives; in fact, they don't seem particularly observant about anything. There are streets, but very few cars. There never seem to be accidents or upsets of any kind -- except for the occasional spontaneous hun invasion, monster appearances, and zombie infestations, but they seem to see nothing wrong with that. In the center of the city, the main hub of all the sectors, there is a circular plaza, and in the center of that is a clock tower. Three of the faces keep perfect time, but the fourth is always set to midnight. All of the doors are shut and locked. Or at least, the clock tower is usually there -- sometimes it's not. You might walk into the plaza one day and discover that the entire building has disappeared entirely, to be replaced by any number of other things -- but it always comes back. Eventually.

There seem to be very few available empty houses for sale, but every morning at 8:15 a.m. sharp, newcomers to the city receive a message telling them where they will be staying that night. This changes very often, and people are often forced to room with complete strangers, if they cannot find somewhere else to stay. If you're hoping to have a look around the city, there is a train, but the fare is a little... outrageous. The price depends completely on the conductor's mood that day, and can vary from a few cents to an arm and a leg -- literally. Unfortunately, he's a rather emotional man; you never know how he's going to be feeling day to day. There is a subway system, but it's almost never running, and there are some stops it makes that... you really don't want to get off on.

The city seems to be well-governed, but it's very rare that one sees any kind of law-enforcement. Even when monsters run rampant through the streets, it is unusual for anyone to appear to stop them. In fact, the only obvious action taken by whoever runs the city is the morning announcements, which echo throughout the city from the loudspeakers placed everywhere at 8:00 a.m. on the dot. The voice is that of a woman; cheerful, but somehow slightly... artificial.

Recently, force fields have sprung up all across the city. From a distance, they're difficult to see, but up close, they're a shimmering purple, and fragile though they may seem, they will not break, no matter how hard you hit them. Everything beyond them is an indistinct haze. The natives of the world do not seem to be put out by them much at all; they're never seen passing through the walls, but you may find that they disappear from time to time, and then claim to have been to a place behind the forcefields -- but they make no mention of any difficulty. It seems that only the newcomers can see or be effected by the force fields. Every once in a while, one of them breaks down, opening to the way to a completely (and I do mean completely) new sector. Sometimes, new places connect to areas where there wasn't even a force field, squeezing in between the other sectors with little apparent difficulty.

There is, presumably, more to the world outside the walls -- cities don't just float in space, right? But none of the citizens seem to know anything about it -- they claim that there is something out there, but they're not specific and very unhelpful. In fact, they don't much like to tell you anything about their city -- that's something you'll have to find out for yourself.


So what exactly is the point of Transcendence? The point, dear reader, is this -- it can do anything. It can be anything. And it does so like to test its boundaries.

Because each sector is completely different from the next, there is a very nice variety to choose from. You can force your character into almost any situation you want in Keynote due to its transient nature -- amnesia, memory rearrangement, placing them in a situation far removed from their canon, even erasing their Keynote knowledge... it's all allowed. Of course, there are some rules, but new, creative arcs take place all the time and are based on the requests of the players.

Player input is valued and helps makes the decisions on what arc we do next. You want your character to be a pirate? A doctor? A ballerina? Sure, we can do that. Just say the word. Of course, there will not be TOO many arcs going on at any one time, but you can be certain that if you make a request that receives enough interest, it'll happen soon enough.

Keynote is primarily a serious roleplay, in that your characters should be IC according to their canon, and no original characters are allowed. However, considering the craziness that goes on, there is plenty of room for humor. Basically, Keynote can be anything you want it to be.

And because Keynote is panfandom, there's an endless array of characters to choose from. So why not pick up that character you've been eyeing for a while and go join in the fun? Keynote's got plenty of room.




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